New Year, New Me, & a French Seam!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

I typically cringe at New Year goals… however, this year I decided to make some. Some for each month & some for the entire year. Small life changing, but obtainable goals! 🙂 I am a true believer that growth happens on a person’s own time, however, it all starts with a good plan.

Did you guys set any goal this year?

Anywho, guys this is my last blog with Mood Fabrics & I will genuinely miss it. It hasn’t been anything about a great time, & they just have the best fabrics & superb customer service.

Well, my last blog I had to absolutely go out with a bang so I wanted to make a holiday garment, but put my own special twist on it…. which mean?!?! TULLE. How did you guys guess? Let’s add a little bit of spice & throw some glitter on there.

Aaaaaaand, TADA!

When I first started making this garment I started with the skirt, which is a nude tulle & a nude lining fabric. I used about 40 yards of tulle & cut out the fabric into a half circle skirt shape, as if I’m making a regular circle skirt. If you would cut these as a square & gather the tulle it would lay different on the body, versus, the circle. Next I made a circle skirt with the lining. Once I finished the skirt I attached all the circle skirt pieces of the tulle at the side seams & gathered the waist. I sewed the side seam shut & gathered the entire skirt until it fit over the lining perfect. I added a small waist band to enclose the frayed edges & it was all done. This skirt did not take a long time to make in retrospect, what took the longest was gathering the tulle.

Next, I moved on to the top, this was a slight fitted top. I did not make it with the intentions of it being tight fitting. I wanted it to be a bit looser, especially because the glitter with the tulle made it a tad bit itchy on the skin. This fabric is absolutely gorgeous guys! It is so beautiful & shiny. It has a heaping lot of glitter on it & it will shed in your house & everything it touches. You will definitely be cleaning up glitter from wherever you work on this at.

For one of my sewing skills that I do on my IGTV, I decided to show you guys how to do a french seam finish. It is SO easy yet, so classic & elegant. I do these finishes on, anything formal, anything that frays, etc. It just looks nicer. If you missed this tutorial, you can always refer back to my IG page @macycamile , but I will also drop the short instructions below.

First you will need to consider what your seam allowance is. My seam allowance for this garment was 5/8. Most commercial patterns use 5/8, typically designers don’t, but it’s your preference. For me, I will be giving instructions on using the seam allowance of 5/8; here’s where small math comes in.

  1. Take 1/4 away from 5/8 & you will be left with 3/8.
  2. You will sew the WRONG sides together at 3/8 seam allowance.
  3. Next, you will cut that seam allowance down to 1/8.
  4. Press. On both sides. 🙂
  5. You will now put your right sides together & sew at 1/4. This will encase your raw edged seam. (You see where you math is coming in at?!)
  6. Boom, you’re done! You did it! You better go!!

See that’s not too bad right?! It’s really simple, we only make it hard sometimes. Lol.

The fabric used in the picture above is named:

Eminence Light Nude Luxury Tulle With Platinum Glitter

You can get it at

Thanks for being here guys! See you next year.

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