Nice to Meet You!

Walking away from Monday like…

My name is Macy, Camile is my middle. I am a child of God & I am exceptionally proud of that. I am a pop of color, in a world full of black and white. I love ALL things floral & vintage. 🌹 I sew, any & everything, but my favorite is a good dress. I buy endless amounts of fabric, often, because they’re good deals…. I’m working on that. My sewing survives on horror movies, 🧟‍♀️🧛🏽‍♂️ and old songs; you will NEVER see me working without one or the other, if not both. Almost all of my captions are some type of lyrics. I’m big on tea, of all sorts! I hate being serious, lets just have fun. I love gummy bears & twizzlers, but I’m on a diet, at least every Monday, so I don’t get to have many of those anymore… I enjoy purchasing makeup that I’m not that great at putting on. Tacos are awesome & I probably enjoy them a little too much. 🌮 Lastly, I am a HUGE people’s person; I love to laugh & make others happy, (Ant says my jokes aren’t funny though) so don’t be shy, my creative friends! I’m new to everything so just bare with me & stick around. 🤗

I bought this upholstery fabric at Jo Anns’ & decided to make a funky coat with it. It was incredibly easy to work with. On one side of the fabric the main color was mint, and the other color was brown-ish gold. If you turned the fabric over, the colors would reverse. The fabric was a bit heavy, due to it being upholstery fabric, however, not heavier than a normal coat. I used the Simplicity pattern #S8742. I loved the pattern, but some of the instructions were hard for me to understand. I found myself re-reading them over & over again. I found the accessories at Forever 21, which the shoes were not comfortable one bit, but nonetheless, I loved this look!

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