Cotton Candy Dreams

First and foremost before I get fully into the blog, I want to congratulate my sweet spicy baby Celena & her husband Sim! Congratulations guys, I’m beyond happy for you. Now, we’re almost getting to the blog part, however, I have to give a disclaimer… My boo is very particular & she does not play….

Feathered Dreams

Hi guys! I haven’t seen you for a short while, as I have been extremely busy, however, lets put excuses behind us & get straight to it. When this beauty approached me & asked for a feathered dress, I thought no big deal. Feathers can come individually or as a trim. For me, personally I…

Nice to Meet You!

My name is Macy, Camile is my middle. I am a child of God & I am exceptionally proud of that. I am a pop of color, in a world full of black and white. I love ALL things floral & vintage. 🌹 I sew, any & everything, but my favorite is a good dress….