Just Little Ol’ Me

Hello! My name is Macy Camile Knight, fashion designer, sewing blogger, and owner of Macy Camile. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have a real passion for creating unique garments, that have a modern feminine- whimsical vibe. I LOVE florals, prints, colors, & most importantly tulle. I enjoy traveling to cutesy little ma & pa places & trying new foods with my honey! I am a DIY’er of all things. ❤

I owe all my passion to my grammy, Frannie (that’s what I call her, she probably wouldn’t prefer it), who inspired me at the early age of six.  My grandmother, whose descent is from England, was the first individual to introduce me to the Singer sewing machine, which is now considered an antique. Unbeknownst to the both of us, this began my career as a fashion designer. Our first projects included doll clothes & stuffed animals, which I learned rather quickly, and eventually she taught me about fabrics and textiles and this is where my love of chintz, florals and vintage clothing came from.

I began designing clothes in high school and decided I would further my education and attend The Art Institute of Indianapolis, for Fashion Design.  I completed my Bachelors degree in 2017.  Since then, I have flirted with many areas of fashion, but find I concentrate on casual wear and formal gowns, and because of my Filipino roots, I am energized by the Asian culture.