New York

Oh, how I love New York. I can honestly say this is one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I did & ate SO much during this time period. I wanted to start a blog on great places to visit & great places to eat while traveling & this was the first place I started with.

As soon as we landed at La Guardia, in Queens, we started to head towards our hotel in Brooklyn. I loved this car ride you got to see so many things; buildings, scenery, skyscrapers- it was gorgeous. When we got into Brooklyn, we dropped our luggage off at the hotel & headed to Times Square. We ended up taking the Metro, which I feel like I am a pro at now. Lol. They have apps & google to assist you with things & times if need be, but I really enjoy the metro.

Later that day, we end up going to Soho, & we end up having a wonderful time… We went to this one restaurant called Black Tap. We had a Wagyu beef burger, which was absolutely amazing & an incredible Oreo shake pictured below.

Black Tap

The next day, we ended up visiting a few places & ate at several places. In the morning, we ate at placed called Verde. Listen, this place had bottomless Mimosas’ & oh my goodness… They also had amazing omelets.


Later that afternoon we decided to walk around & take some adventures closer by our hotel. We ran into this small place called, Mok Bar. We just got something small to hold us over until dinner, but their food was so good! They had the best wings. They also had extremely good potstickers. The place was so cutesy & overlooked everything.

In the evening, I really wanted to go to Little Italy & Chinatown. I absolutely love Little Italy. They have the absolute best Italian restaurants, but of course, right?! We ate at a little Italian place on the street, and of course I got my absolute favorite, meatballs & spaghetti. It is one of my most favorite meals. It was absolutely amazing!

On our last day, we ate in Harlem at several places. Our friend recommended the Red Rooster, which was extremely good, but the portion size was small. I got the biscuits & gravy & it tasted sooo amazing, but it was a tad bit pricey for the portion. So needless to say, we end up going to Sylvia’s which is steps down from the Red Rooster, and it was EVERYTHING!

After that, we end going to the Fashion District, which of course I had a grand time going through each store & looking at all the fabric I can’t afford. Lol.

New York is ALWAYS a must. A tip I have when going to New York is to make sure you have money! It is super expensive to go to, & the food is very costly.

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  1. Bianca Clark says:

    LOVE THIS! I think this is extremely helpful as I went to school in DC and had experience with them but as funny as it sounds never thought about using apps or google even to help! I’ll have to remember that next time, we are planning a New York trip for Spring Break so fingers crossed it will be exciting. I loved DC and the melting pot of cultures I was able to experience while living there, I’m sure New York will be the same way. Thanks for sharing! Very helpful, Ill have to make my way to Little Italy cause baby I love me some Italian food!


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