How to Create a Tuck

When I say the best of all worlds just know I am definitely referring to this fabric.

When I saw this fabric over at, I knew I had to have it. It is the perfect fabric for a fall dress, blouse, or skirt! The fabric print has panels or strips of animal print in black & white , brown & black, paisley & floral. I am in love with it. The fabric is a Mood Exclusive, wrinkled rayon woven. It is extremely easy to work with, however, it does tend to move around when transferring marks or cutting, but that is expected.

If you keep up with me on my Instagram, you have found out that I am starting a series about techniques & tutorials for sewing! I am super excited about this. I used this fabric in the tutorial on my page to show how to create tucks, which is displayed in the dress pictured below, but luckily for you if you haven’t seen the video, I will show you how on this post.

How to Create a Tuck

A tuck is a fold or any sized pleat that is sewn into place for a design detail. I haven’t seen many tucks lately, however, I have a few dresses that have them, so I thought I would show you guys how to create them while I had the chance.

First, you will decide how long you want the tucks. Next, you will decide how wide you will want each tuck, the distance between the tucks, and how many you will want. Once you have decided these measurements everything else will go very smoothly!

You will need to mark each of your lines accordingly, for this exact garment I made the tucks 9 1/2 inches long, with the width of each tuck is at 1/2 & the width between each tuck at 3/4. You will need to measure each line to ensure the accuracy.

After your measurements are good & accurate, you will next start to pin the tucks. You will create the tuck by bringing the lines you drew together. I drew my tucks on with a erasable pen for your eyes & also tailor’s chalk, whatever you choose to draw the lines with you will have to make sure that it irons out or will not be seen. Your tuck will be roughly around 1/4. You are more than welcome to change the size of any of the tucks, for this dress I just preferred a smaller one.

The lines you pin will be the lines that you sew. You will only be sewing the two lines that create the tuck. After you have sewn your tucks you will press them away from the center front, or the center back, whichever you created them on. They will be seamless on the back.

Congratulations! You have completed a tuck!

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