A Dozen of Roses

This dress was made for a client, however, I have stated before in other blogs about a photographer that takes amazing pictures, well guys…… drum roll…… this is her!

She asked for a dress that was inspired by Giambattista Valli, but of course, was made differently- & with some changes. Starting off on this dress I was super unsure on how to create the top, it took the longest for me to complete. Since, I was so unsure I tried so many different measures & I gave it a break. I decided I would start on the skirt. My client asked for the skirt to be removable so that she could wear it short & long.

I made the skirt tie around the waist so it was easy to remove on & off & that it still could be concealed.

So I finally started getting somewhere in the dress… To make the pleats stay up I had to tack to the lining of the dress so that it would hold the shape & it would not fall down. To create the bottom of the skirt I started with a ruffle & attached in on from a certain measurement down. I did this a couple different times to add extra volume in the skirt.

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