Thank God I’m Filipino!

“What are you? I think you’re Asian, but I’m going to ask if you know how to speak Spanish?

As a child, & even as an adult to this day, I get asked about what my race is. If I’m Hawaiian, or Mexican, or maybe some type of Asian…

October is Filipino American History Month. Coincidentally, alike other minority races we’re not mentioned often in American textbooks, or American history, despite us migrating & being the first Asians to arrive in American in 1587 (33 years before Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock) (HP). Filipinos have a long history of being in the US including fighting in the wars, which is typically not mentioned.

Fun facts about Filipinos

1 out of 5 Filipino Americans are mixed. We are very welcoming. We treat others like family & would give the shirt off our backs. We sing all the time, especially karaoke. We don’t know how to cook small portions. We will over feed you. We LOVE basketball & boxing. We can talk all the time & can be very social, overally social. And our mothers are often nurses & father was in the military. JK. LOL! but, nonetheless. TGIF.

In dedication to the month, I decided to do a fashion shoot based on the Filipino flag. I made all our gowns one solid color to represent each color in the flag. Every model in the picture is Filipino, and I decided to have the photo shoot on the closest thing to a beach in Indiana, which is Michigan City.

I made each dress from scratch & each pattern was self-drafted besides the yellow one. The yellow pattern was from Simplicity, #8330. She lived out of town and I was unable to make alterations & have fittings so I had to substitute her dress.

As I continue on my journey of blogging, I am finding that I really impress myself when I edit pictures. In these pictures, the lighting was bad, the colors were dull, and there was all sorts of people in the back of the water. You can’t even tell right?!

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