Orchid Purple

Short story time…

One day, I was asked if I could make a gown that was vibrant and had a lot of volume in 48 hours. I hadn’t even seen the model, or got her measurements myself, but I was bound to make it work.

There she is.

My inspiration was purely based on an orchid flower. I instantly went to Jo Ann fabric and picked out the closest color that matched an orchid. I went home and made the pattern from scratch and sewed it, as fast as, I could.

(not including the red)

When I got to the photo shoot location, The Alexander Hotel, in Indianapolis, she tried it on and it fit perfect. Needless to say, I was relieved; with normal gowns I usually do at the minimum 2 fittings.

Originally when making the dress it didn’t have a tie or bow on it, but I wanted to bring in the waist, because the volume from the dress added to.

Underneath the dress, to create the volume, I added crinoline and some extra tulle to give it more oomph. While learning, and looking back I probably would have chosen to not add as much up at the top part of the skirt, and more-so the bottom.

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