Birthday Blues


Happy Birthday to little ol me!

The story behind this shoot…

I wanted to do something different for my birthday. First of all I LOVE blue, it is my ultimate favorite color. I decided I would have all blue everything; kind of like the Crush on You video by Lil Kim. So I decided on what I would make. I hadn’t made myself any clothing for a very long time, so I was extremely anxious about how it would look. I was also in the middle of my weight loss journey & I was nowhere near my goal. On top of all of that, I HATE taking pictures.

I loved the idea of this birthday shoot, all up until the night that I got that wig on. I put that blue wig on & cried like a baby. I just did not feel like how I wanted to, but nonetheless, I pressed on & it came out pretty good!

I got both sets of fabric from Jo Anns’ . I went for an oversized fur coat, which is unfinished.

The faux fur fabric was $24.99 a yard, in the color dark blue. The inside of the coat needs a lining, because it has a rough feel. The embroidered fabric was Casa Embellish blue, that I believe is no longer available. I used a synthetic blue wig, which I spent all day trying to dye. It finally took with Denim Blue fabric dye. The sunglasses were from a hair supply store & shoes from Akira.

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  1. Shannon says:

    What a great site.


  2. Nefertiti says:

    Greetings beautiful!! You know I am here for this Blue!!!!!!! Love your blog. I’m so happy for you beautiful. Keep doing your thing sister.


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